Types of metal

Types of Metal for Rings 

There are mainly three typed of metal on jewellery product like 14k White and Yellow Golds, 18k White and Yellow Golds, Platinum. When you are purchasing any typed of jewellery product then you have to understand about the product metal and carats.
14k White and Yellow Golds
14k white and yellow golds are famous and solid valuable metals for gems. Immaculate gold, which measures 24 carats, is excessively delicate for utilization in adornments. It is alloyed with different metals--silver, copper, nickel, and zinc--to build its quality and toughness. 14k white gold is not as white as platinum, as it is created out of a yellow metal that is turned white basically through nickel combinations. Generally white gold things have a rhodium plating that wears away as time goes on, so the metal may look more yellow with age. Some individuals lean toward the somewhat hotter white of white gold over platinum's grayer white. It has slightly lighter yellow then 18K. You will notice 14k yellow golds as its lighter color.

18k White and Yellow Golds
Because of later developments in combination innovation, 18k golds is currently ordinarily recognized to be as tough as 14k golds. On the grounds that 18k gold has a higher rate of perfect gold, it has a wealthier golds color than 14k golds and is marginally heavier. A 18k golds setting can cost give or take 25% to 65% more than the same setting in 14k golds. It has deeper yellow then 14K. You will notice 18k yellow golds as its deep color. It has lower price than 18k.
22k White and Yellow Golds 
22k White and Yellow Golds are really rare on Europe market. Jewelers are used to make 14k and 18k for Europe market. It has a perfect yellow color environment. This color will stay with a long time. So you will be satisfied to use 22k golds. On middle east market there is a lot of demand on 22k golds. They would like to use 22k golds. 22k Golds are very suitable color for any typed of jewellery.

24k White and Yellow Golds 
24k White and Yellow Golds are most valuable golds on Gold market. It is look like deep yellow and 24k golds are most amazing gold on gold market. 24k gold is never lose its color. You will get a good taste by using 24k gold. 24k golds are amazing color than another golds. 24k gold price is higher than another gold.  

Platinum has incredible solidness in holding valuable stones. It is 35 times rarer than gold. A platinum gems thing can cost more or less 60% to 200% more than the same setting in 18k golds, and 100% to 300% more than the same setting in 14k gold.
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